11 Tips to Prepare Your Personal Job Profile

A pretty face and a good suit is not the only aspects of the image that you can manipulate in your favor, the credibility and trust are important to projects that sell best, said in an interview the consultant Public Image, Brian Navarro.
 "In times of crisis is an image of the most powerful tools available to be fired, but it goes beyond the simple way of dressing," says Navarro.
 Meet the guide also the director general of the Public Image Consulting Image Excellence proposes to retain employment
 1.  Invest in your personal image: 55% of the visual impact that comes from causes your appearance and manner of dress, take it into account.  "We need to look professional, whether you have a job or searching. This communicates that you are committed, said that companies seeking results," said the consultant.
 2.  Get noticed and you take note: you must be visible, especially to your boss, because if you pass unnoticed as if they did not exist.  It is not enough to get noticed, it is necessary for you to be proactive and show why your position is important and should be you who will play.  "This technical assistance and leadership is planning to become irreplaceable."
 3.  Be optimistic: In any business it helps you to be negative on the current situation.  Instead, a cheerful, smiling and with a positive attitude is more valuable than one that is unfortunately only or always in a bad mood.  "The attitude is an essential part of the image that almost nobody explodes, but is extremely useful."
 4.  Explota your hidden talents: the best time for marketing is a personal crisis, so be autopromocionarte.  "It is pointless to be able to perform various activities if they do not show. A good strategy is to offer you as an enabler to reduce internal costs to the company. Your boss will love you."
 5.  Strengthen your relationship with the head: one of the biggest problems in Mexico is that we believe that social relations and empathy to help keep a job.  "Caerle either the head is not necessary if not give results," said Navarro.  This is not fake but collaborative teamwork, commitment to the goals set.  Be empathic, as in times of crisis leaders seeking support from people near and enthusiasts.  Propose new ideas apply.
 6.  Be more sociable: No time to be antisocial.  People who are more visible and are most remembered, if you followed the advice above, others will have an excellent picture of you and appreciate more why you should stay at the firm, even if there was a reduction of staff.
 If you are unemployed:
 7.  Rate your image: The first thing you should do is autoevaluarte to improve your areas of opportunity.  "The success is largely due to the way people perceive you," says Navarro.
 8.  Give your weight right: no one buys an item with a pack of low quality.  This works the image as perception in humans.  "We hope that what is inside based on the external image. Human beings are visual and is a psychological issue."  The company will take into account how you express how you dress and your attitude.
 9.  Be consistent: you can not aspire to an executive position if not a look.  "It is a banality to deal with the physical appearance."  Must see the picture as a power tool that helps to sell your qualities and recruiter.
 10.  The CV is also picture: most of the quotes they are asking for employment currently is a selection online.  "Recruiters are looking for people who 'know sold' on their CV," says the consultant.  More dates and tasks to perform, promote your achievements and improvements that the company had with your work. Make a CV for high impact.
 11.  Displays security: CV help, but not all.  Once you're in front of the recruiter must have a prepared speech for 30 seconds to tell where you are the best for the post.  "It's time to sell and demonstrate that your resume does not lie. If you're not ready for it and shows you safe, hardly get a job again," concludes David Navarro.