3 Steps to Being a Great Leader - That an Employer Wants

Leadership is a quality with which it arises, but also can be formed to shape the attitudes of each person, says one of the greatest experts on development of human potential, Deepak Chopra.

  "Their intentions are powerful and can face any obstacle, that is something to be learned" said the president of The Chopra Center for Well Being, during his participation in the World Leadership Forum.

The three basic characteristics that define a good leader is, first, we all say fortunate because of the circumstances, as the case of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Bill Gates, said the Indian doctor and writer, who has made several texts on spirituality and the power of the mind in medical cure.

Secondly, all are given time to reflect in silence topics as what I want, what skills I have, what I am capable of and which may have inspired to do so, according to the expert.

The third basic characteristic of leadership is to always be an idealistic vision that has inspired and is able to convince other people to perform certain actions, he added.

"The leaders of accountants are great stories, so that they can make the potential of those around not only in everyday life, but in businesses and organizations who run" felt Chopra.

That is why the motivation was the employees is one of the most important tasks of the leader, he said.

According to a survey conducted in the United States, the labor force in Latin America resulted in only 29% of employees working with passion and connects to your company; 56% were not involved and therefore their productivity is lower 29% that does.

Chopra noted that according to this survey, 15% are actively disconnected from their work, that is, is unhappy.

"We must not forget that happiness is directly related to productivity, and this in turn with the profits for the company and the generation of talent," said during his participation in the Forum.

The soul of leadership
The keys to effectively use the leadership as Deepak Chopra are:

Innovate, what it means to show improvement and create an environment that drives productivity.
Generate connectivity with employees and listen to their needs.
Providing security, all persons associated with him feel protected and reassured.
Knowing how to recognize, an effective leader recognizes the needs of reward and makes people feel it is necessary.
Identifies: provides a sense of belonging and establishing ties with those around him.
Rate: Provides creative experiences and provides opportunity for growth, namely establishing a win-win relationship.
Do not forget that to be an effective leader duties meet the requirements above, in addition to being an entrepreneur, a good political, innovative and above all humility to recognize when such a mistake.