The Young and The Recently Laid Off

The weak economy is making them prove to young people drink the bitter being fired for the first time.  But while it is true that job loss is not good, it can also be an opportunity to reassess his career goals.
 When Jessi Walter was dismissed from Bear Stearns, said that "spent two weeks in a state of shock."  After five years at the investment bank, did not know if they find another job in the financial sector or try something different.  In the end, decided to reassess his career altogether.  He realized "it was the perfect opportunity" to transform its business in an old hobby by giving cooking classes to children.  Although he had already incusionado in this with freelance work in isolation, his dismissal gave him the impetus he needed.
 Experts say that recent graduates often play their first couple of jobs without being sure of their passions and interests.  Therefore, sometimes a dismissal may be a "catalyst for change to a more personal and rewarding," said Alexandra Levit, skilled labor.
 If you lose your job, you should ask whether he was really enjoying the job.  If the answer is yes, then take a look at smaller companies or other industries where it can perform similar tasks, advises Barry Lawrence, an expert working  For example, "if you worked in print advertising," now look for a job that allows you to "learn about the Internet advertising," he adds.
 If, on the contrary, you were dissatisfied with his last job, start to act.  Make a list of jobs that interest you.  Keep in mind your skills and areas that could be adjusted.  Ask friends and relatives about their experiences.  Attend professional events and job fairs.  Try even becoming a volunteer or intern to experiment before committing to a job.  "Being aware of all possibilities will make you feel less stuck," says Levit.  Only after doing a proper investigation to decide if you need another title to launch a new career.  A Bachelor "takes too much time, effort and money," and make sure it's worth, he adds.
 When applying for a job in a different class, citing its research and volunteer work.  "Be ready to support a brief speech on why he is looking to make a change," suggested Lawrence.  In addition, focus on other skills that are relevant for any company, such as accounting, grammar, computer science or public speaking.